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India – 77% people lives below the poverty line

Posted by The Dynamic Scientist of the Other Side on August 12, 2007

A recent government report said “seventy-seven percent of Indians, about 836 million people, live on less than half a dollar a day. India is considered as one of the hottest economies of the world but now it seems, it needs to do something about the enormous inequalities.

The report entitled “Conditions of Work and Promotion of Livelihoods in the Unorganized Sector” by the state-run National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector (NCEUS) said, most of those living on below 50 US cents per day were from the informal labor sector with no job or social security, living in abject poverty. For most of them, conditions of work are utterly deplorable and livelihood options extremely few.

According to the report, based on data from 2004-2005, 92 percent of India’s total workforce of 457 million were employed as agricultural laborers and farmers, or in jobs such as working in quarries, brick kilns or as street vendors. The report said, “such a sordid picture co-exists uneasily with a shining India that has successfully confronted the challenge of globalization powered by economic competition both within the country and across the world.”

Around 26 percent of India’s population lives below the poverty line. Economic liberalization since the early 1990s has created a 300 million-strong middle class and led to an average annual economic growth of 8.6 percent over the last four years, but millions of the country’s poor remain untouched by the boom. The report said the majority of those working and living under “miserable conditions” were lower castes, tribal people and Muslims and the most disadvantaged of these were women, migrant workers and children.


9 Responses to “India – 77% people lives below the poverty line”

  1. suresh said

    Yes obviously i come up with these comment which you have surveyed ,,,and there are several ways to reduce the poverty line (i.e) so with what iam coming to say is if india wants to
    be more developed in 2020 the only way is to reduce the poverty rate and which i like to
    give the comment is such as follows

    1. firsty the area where the vigilance people works in should play their role properly,
    in right way ,so that the tax for the government from the people will reach safely to the

    2. Then the officers who works in the finance department should save the money and
    they must rule their responsibilities and the particular money will help to reduce the poverty
    rate if those people use the money effectively

    3. And for all these needs each and every citizen who living in india must pay the tax in proper way ,so that the awareness about tax should known for every indian

  2. prasad said

    if the money that has been allotted by the govt. for the people who where below poverty line should reach their pockets .

    this wil happen if n only if each n every politician persue his duty in right way


    it is our government duty to care them,and also cheak the fund
    which they send to state government…
    because all fundable things are not reeach to the masses….

  4. db said

    methods cn only make d way to derail d curse f poverty bt walkin through it in order 2 achieve d desired goals is sumthing dat depends mainly on d bureaucrats n depends on dese policy makers n nation leaders make d dream f developd india a reality by doing dere jobs wid sheer honesty n nt embezzlin d money f workin indian paid as taxes n hoardin it in d secret swiss accounts..simultaneously,d responsibility of eradication f poverty also lies on d shoulders f indian common who must know his/her role…avoidin flexibility towards corruptn n pledge to bury it down deep by raising d status f literacy n social awareness cn set d nation shining wid prosperity n development

  5. Divya said

    First the corruption should be reduced in our country. Because of politicans corruption became very high in India. The money which they corrupted might have used for the poor people. If this happens the below poverty line in our country will become less.

  6. RAHUL KUMAR said

    I think India exit in this situation, every financial officer & other office should work with our ethics

  7. manisha jha said me their are lots of reason behind the poverty
    a.PDS is not performing their task well
    .b.the role of politicians how they are ready to fill their pockets.
    If these two things are controlled then ultimately we will proceed for a poverty free country .i.e.India.

  8. it is very same upon us that in india 77% people survive in 20 rs per day we say that India s a developing country but i think it is totally wrong ll political parties , netas and government people are enjoing and the poor people after working so hard are getting nothing really shame upon india its really a high time the govt should really think yaar

  9. kamlesh kumar said

    If goverment provides essential educations to the people who are below the proverty line then they will become strong mentally and connect with main stream of our modern india.

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